ft. Kimball Musk

Kimball Musk’s top three values are curiosity, challenge and connection. Please take 20 minutes of your time to watch this incredible show to learn a bit about Kimbal Musk’s journey on starting his enterprise – “The Kitchen”.

ft. Greg Barnett

Greg Barnett is President and Managing Director of Enercom Consulting Inc in Denver – He has started this company from scratch since 1994, and now, this company is recognized as one of the top consulting companies in the States by Forbes Magazine.

ft. Dana Veitch

This 20-minute talk show exposes Dana Veitch’s entrepreneurial journey.

ft. Mark Massey

Mark Massey’s interview covers his entrepreneurial journey, on founding his own company – Evergreen Properties in Colorado.

ft. Bill Giorgio

This show exposes Bill Giorgio’s entrepreneurial journey – his challenges, accomplishments and many others.

ft. Carol Weber

Carol Weber’s interview exposes her true passions and values to work in engineering field. She’s a true warrior and entrepreneur in her field.

ft. Brittaney Robinson

The goal of this interview show is to share Brittaney Robinson’s whole entrepreneurial journey.

ft. Mark Cook

The goal of this interview is to learn a bit about Mark Cook’s entrepreneurial journey, in automotive industry.