Swapan Bhadra

Founder of Desert God | Swapan Bhadra | The OMVAI TalkshowWatch Swapan Bhadra share his inspirations behind forming India’s first background verification company, Verifacts and owning the famous Derby winning horse, Desert God.

ft. Kimball Musk

Kimball Musk’s top three values are curiosity, challenge and connection. Please take 20 minutes of your time to watch this incredible show to learn a bit about Kimbal Musk’s journey on starting his enterprise – “The Kitchen”.

ft. Greg Barnett

Greg Barnett is President and Managing Director of Enercom Consulting Inc in Denver – He has started this company from scratch since 1994, and now, this company is recognized as one of the top consulting companies in the States by Forbes Magazine.

Nishchay AG

Director of Bounce | Online Rental Cycle | Nishchay AG | The OMVAI TalkshowWatch your Host Vaibhav (Vai) Kothari, interview the Director of Bounce, Nishchay AG, as he shares his insights about his ground breaking Two wheel rentals business.

Gauravjeet Singh

Amazing Motivation Interview | Founder of Playo | Gauravjeet Singh | The OMVAI TalkshowGauravjeet Singh share his truly motivational journey of founding PlayO, a company that gives adults the opportunity to bring sports back into their lives permanently.

ft. Dana Veitch

This 20-minute talk show exposes Dana Veitch’s entrepreneurial journey.

Pankajam Sridevi

Amazing Women Interview Video | Managing Director | Pankajam Sridevi | The OMVAI Talkshow Watch Pankajam Sridevi share her journey from writing to the CEO of Airlink for her first job after graduation to becoming and operating as the Managing Director of ANZ India.

ft. Mark Massey

Mark Massey’s interview covers his entrepreneurial journey, on founding his own company – Evergreen Properties in Colorado.

Pravin Chand Tatavarti

Managing Director | Pravin Chand Tatavarti | The OMVAI Talkshow From being the first employee of Allegis group to becoming the MD, watch Pravin Chand Tatavarti share his journey and transition into an inclusive leader.